We will send a technician to your home to diagnose the problem with your appliance. He will give a flat rate bid to repair the appliance. If you choose not to repair for any reason, only the service charge is owed. Our flat rate price includes, the service charge, labor, any parts, tax and freight. The flat rate price is the same whether we have parts on the van or have to return with parts. If asked, the technician will gladly advise you on his opinion as to whether or not the appliance is worth repairing after giving the price to repair.

Service Charge: Our service charge ranges from $99.95 to $149.95, depending on how far away you are from our closest technician. Due to the increased difficulty of removing, diagnosing, and reinstalling a built-in microwave, our service charge for microwaves is an additional $60. This microwave charge is in addition to the normal service charge. Our service charge covers the cost of bringing a fully trained technician with a fully stocked mobile service shop to your home.

Cost of Labor: Labor to install /remove parts or adjustments is charged in addition to the service charge. Our labor rates are NOT time based. Operating a service organization involves costs that are unseen by the customer that are vital to perform prompt and efficient service. Examples of these costs are the technician’s ongoing training expense, costly test equipment, office personnel, rent, parts inventory, and much more. You are hiring an entire company for fast and efficient service, rather than the technician alone. That is why we base our labor charges on industry standards for each individual type of repair.


We offer a one year warranty on all parts installed. If the part we installed fails in normal use and not because of abuse or neglect, we will install a replacement part at no charge. Our warranty covers the service charge, parts and labor for one full year after repair is complete.