Dishwasher Repair in Durango, Colorado

Today’s dishwashers are the workhorses of the modern home. Believe it or not, washing dishes with a dishwasher is more efficient than washing dishes by hand. Most of the energy used in washing dishes is from heating the water and amount of electricity to run the dishwasher is not the main factor. When your dishwasher stops working, you can count on the experts at Blue Streak Appliance to come to your home in Durango or Bayfield and get you back up and running quickly.

Dishwasher Brands We Service:

  • Kitchenaid

  • Bosch

  • Frigidaire

  • GE

  • Kenmore

  • Whirlpool

  • LG

  • Samsung

Common Dishwasher Issues

  • Dishwasher will not drain

  • Not cleaning as well as it used to

  • Dishes not drying properly

  • Won’t fill with water or spray

Easy to Schedule

Blue Streak Appliance offers over-the-phone and online scheduling options. Call today and let our friendly staff schedule your refrigerator repair, or use our handy online scheduling tool.

Call the Blue Streak Professional Team

We’ve been in the Durango area for over two decades. From professional office staff, to technicians, to parts ordering specialists, you can count on the Blue Streak team<-internal link to come out quickly and get your dishwasher back up and running quickly. Whether you live in Bayfield, Durango or the Ignacio area, let Blue Streak Appliance take care of your dishwasher issues today.